LSS operates anywhere, anytime and has adapted to the versatile environment we live in. With the right intelligence in hand, the right training and a well planned strategy the right unit can be deployed to handle the according crisis in hand.

Crisis Management & Response

Hostage situations, Kidnap & Ransom or extortion are crisis situations that call for sober management and special response units. At LSS our Special Intelligence Unit – SIU will assist you take the right decisions at the right time and if needed deploy the proper tactical unit to handle the crisis head on.

Armed Security Services

Armed boots on the ground know no substitute. From reconnaissance, static guards, patrols, Tactical Response Units, Special Anti Piracy Units, Evacuation Teams we make sure we have the right armed treatment plan. Local and International Laws and regulations apply.

Unarmed Security Services

Where the use of firearms is not allowed or not needed the next best is a combination of passive security measures and a highly trained team ready to plan and treat a crisis. From intelligence reports, Risk Assessments, Treatment Plans to training and drilling your personnel if needed, LSS will drastically reduce the level of most if not all of your risks.

Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation Management

Acts of God or acts of man sometimes can be truly devastating to your people. Dispatching the right Unit to evacuate your most valuable asset is a crucial choice at a very difficult time. With experience in extreme situations in over 40 countries we can help bring your people to safety.

Legal Advisory Services for detention cases

Legislation in different countries can seem unprecedented, unpredictable and even unfair for evacuation or detention cases. At LSS we can assist with legal advisory services through our expert partners with a track record in over 100 countries.

Advice for Insurance covers

High risks frequently come with high costs. With a vast track record of high risk operations in over 40 countries we have the expertise to advise the finest Insurance solutions from A rated Underwriters whether its Personal Accident, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Employers Liability or Kidnap & Ransom for a few thousands or many millions of dollars  – all depending on your needs.


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