LSS operates anywhere, anytime and has adapted to the versatile environment we live in. With the right intelligence in hand, the right training and a well planned strategy the right unit can be deployed to handle the according crisis in hand.

Threat & Risk mitigation strategies (Planning, Implementation, and Progress Monitoring)

Regardless of the size of your project everyone and everything should be secure. The correctly filtered intelligence provides the right tools for a Threat Rating. Knowing what you are dealing with can assist to efficiently plan how to treat your risks and monitor your progress. The Special Intelligence Unit of LSS has years of experience and knowhow to provide ready-made or bespoke solutions according to your plans.

Anti-terrorism intelligence and reporting

Terrorism is the Lernaean Hydra of our times. Intelligence is where to begin in order to first and foremost be aware of the threat, its timing and the potential impact it can have on your selected few. Wherever on the globe and at anytime, for over 200 countries and 400 cities we can provide from a Rapid Alert System – RAS on your areas of interest to extensive Security Reports on the history, present and future threats you may face and how to cope with them.

Travelling planning and threat assessments

Learn, prepare, communicate and stay safe. Tell us where you travel to and when and we will advise all the right information on how to travel, what you are about to face, how to keep in touch with us and your colleagues and how to react in case you cant avoid a crisis. Whether you are a group leader or a delegate our solutions can keep any and all in touch in a moments notice thus keeping you away from troubled areas and unnecessary risks.

Global overwatch

Ranging from one traveller at a distant corner of the planet to a small office in a remote area or a factory with hundreds of workers one has the right to know what risks he is facing for his most valued asset, his people. Our Global Overwatch system tracks, profiles and categorises threats helping you realise what you are getting into, how often and how to react. At LSS we believe in timely information and the Rapid Alert System – RAS is the tool through which you can stay informed around the clock about your area or even category of interest.

Advice for Insurance covers: Personal accident – Kidnap & Ransom

High risks frequently come with high costs. With a vast track record of high risk operations in over 40 countries we have the expertise to advise the finest Insurance solutions from A rated Underwriters whether its Personal Accident, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Employers Liability or Kidnap & Ransom for a few thousands or many millions of dollars  – all depending on your needs.

Management of Hostage Situations

If everything goes wrong and you end up in Hostage situation our team of experts can guide you through this crisis in the most efficient manner. With a vast experience in critical situations in various countries we can guide you on how to respond, handle and leave such extreme occasions with a minimal damage.

Bespoke solutions according to the safeguarded partners needs

Regardless of the size of your project, its diversity or uniqueness at LSS we can provide a bespoke service to best serve your needs and keep costs at reasonable levels. We believe in adapting to our environment and will guide you through the process of establishing what is really best of you.


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