Europe must resist Erdogan in Eastern Mediterranean

The escalating maritime dispute between Turkey and Greece involving the delimitation of their continental shelves can no longer be viewed as a bilateral issue. It must be interpreted within the broader context of Turkey-European Union relations, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s strategic and geopolitical ambitions in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond, and the violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of a NATO ally and European Union member-state.

The bottom line is that Erdogan’s aggressive agenda is destabilizing the entire region at a very critical juncture when the Covid-19 pandemic is already wreaking enormous economic havoc globally – and particularly in Europe’s southern flank.

In recent years, Russia’s takeover of Crimea and Chinese expansion into the South China Sea serve as leading examples of major powers disrupting the established international order and emboldening others with territorial claims to take action – including Erdogan in the Eastern Mediterranean.