ReCAAP ISC: Five incidents against ships in Asia reported last week

In its weekly report for 10–16 March, ReCAAP ISC informed of five incidents of armed robbery against ships in Asia. Of these, four were actual incidents (all CAT 4 incidents) and one was an attempted incident.

Of the four actual incidents, one occurred onboard a tug boat while anchored off Pulau Batam, Indonesia, one onboard a petroleum/chemical tanker while anchored at General Santos Harbour Anchorage, Philippines, one onboard a barge while anchored at Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh, and one onboard a bulk carrier while underway in the precautionary area in the Singapore Strait.

With this incident, a total of nine incidents have occurred in the Singapore Strait since January 2020, eight incidents in the eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) and one incident in the precautionary area.

Also, the attempted incident occurred onboard a container ship while anchored at Belawan Anchorage, Indonesia.

Meanwhile, during 10-16 March, two incidents outside Asia were reported to the ReCAAP ISC.

The ReCAAP Focal Point (Singapore) reported an incident occurred to a container ship while anchored at Port-au-Prince Anchorage, Haiti on 8 March.

The Contact Point (Hong Kong) reported an incident occurred to a general cargo ship while anchored at south of Port Lagos, Nigeria, Africa on 6 March.

Incidents in Asia

-Sam Jaguar

The first incident involved the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier Sam Jaguar, while in the precautionary area in the Singapore Strait, about 6.8 nm east off Pulau Karimum Kecil, Indonesia.

While underway in early morning of 16 March, the master reported to Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS) that there was an unauthorized boarding of three perpetrators who were sighted in the engine workshop room.

The crew managed to detain the three perpetrators, reported to Batam VTIS and waited for the Indonesian Navy to board the ship to detain the perpetrators.

At 1303 hrs, the master declared that the Indonesian Navy had boarded the bulk carrier and took away the three perpetrators for investigation and prosecution.

Nothing was stolen and the crew was not injured.

The Singapore VTIS notified the Singapore Republic of Navy and Singapore Police Coast Guard about the incident. The safety navigational broadcast was also initiated.

-Endeavour II

The second incident involved the Singaporean-flagged chemical tanker Endeavour II, while at General Santos Harbour Anchorage, Philippines, in early morning of 12 March.

The duty officer and Able Bodied (AB) were doing a safety round when they saw some perpetrators at the forecastle. The duty officer immediately informed the master who activated the general alarm.

Upon hearing the alarm, the perpetrators escaped in a small boat.

A ship security search was conducted and a padlock to the bosun store was found broken.

Nothing was stolen and the crew was not injured.

-Antara Koh 18

The third incident involved the Singaporean barge Antara Koh 18, while at Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh, on 6 March.

While at anchor, a group of perpetrators boarded the barge, Antara Koh 18 which was towed by tug boat Capitol T2001. The barge was installed with a crane.

The perpetrators boarded the barge from some boats, cut the safety system wiring, and stole the crane data logger display, portable batteries (for machineries such as crane, generators, and hydraulic power pack), diesel and hydraulic oil.

The crew of the tug boat contacted a passing Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) ship via VHF.

The BCG apprehended the perpetrators and escorted the barge to Chittagong Anchorage. The crew was not injured.

-Crest Onyx

The fourth incident involved the Indonesian tug boat Crest Onyx, while at mooring buoy between Pulau Melintang and Pulau Batam, Indonesia, on 2 February.

While the tug boat was moored to a buoy, the crew sighted three perpetrators on deck and raised the alarm.

The crew confronted the perpetrators who escaped with the assistance of two of their accomplices waiting in a small craft.

The incident was reported to the Indonesian Marine Police in Batam who boarded the tug boat for investigation.

A search was carried out and it was discovered that the padlock to the store room was damaged and some ship equipment was stolen. The crew was not injured.

-Kota Anggerik

The fifth incident involved the Singaporean-flagged container ship Kota Anggerik, while at Belawan Anchorage, Indonesia, on 13 March.

While at anchor, the duty able bodied (AB) at the forecastle deck alerted the bridge when he discovered an unknown person trying to open the bolt of portside hawse pipe gate.

The perpetrator was wearing a face mask and armed with a metallic object.

The duty officer upon alerted by the AB immediately sounded the whistle.

The perpetrator fled the scene and escaped through a hawse pipe into a waiting unlit wooden boat.

A second perpetrator was spotted jumping into the water from the anchor chain. A ship security search was conducted.

There was no damage to the ship’s property and nothing was stolen. The incident was reported to the local authority.

Incidents outside Asia

-Trinidad Trader

In the evening of 8 March, the container ship Trinidad Trader was at Port-au-Prince Anchorage, Haiti.

While at anchor, an unknown number of perpetrators boarded the ship and attacked the duty ordinary seaman who did not suffer any injury.

The general alarm was sounded, and all crew mustered in the accommodation area.

The Port-auPrince port control and Haiti Coast Guard were informed.

After about 20 mins, the Chief Officer of the ship conducted a search, but did not find the perpetrators.

The search party found four mooring ropes and one metal wire with hook missing.

-Huanghai Glory

On 6 March, the general cargo ship Huanghai Glory was 85 nm south of Port Lagos, Nigeria, Africa.

While sailing, about six pirates armed with sophisticated weapons (e.g. machine guns) boarded the ship from one craft.

They broke two glasses on the bridge and stole cash. The master and crew sent SSAS and hid in the cabin. The crew was not injured.