GOG – Piracy report

Suspicious Approach 15/03/2020

On 15th March at 1605UTC, in psn 06º04S  012º18E, while at anchorage, a supply vessel (NAME WITHHELD) was approached by two skiffs with 4 and 6 POB. The alarm was raised and SSAS activated. Noticing the vessel’s alerting, the skiffs changed their cource to Congo River The port Authorities were informed and a patrol boat was dispatched to the area. Vessel and crew were reported safe.

Theft 19/03/2020

On the 19th March at 0045UTC in psn 06º18N  003º21E, an intruder was found on the deck of a MT (NAME WITHHELD) by the anti-piracy round. The security team member used warning shots ant the alarm OB was raised that caused the intruder to flee. A Nigerian Navy patrol was dispatched on the scene. Vessel and crew were reported safe.

Warning 20/02/2020

An MV has been attacked in psn 03º40N  00925E (Douala Anchorage) the 19th of March at 2345UTC by 8 armed people in a boat.
The attack is finished and both the MV and the crew are safe. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution on this area.

Source: MDAT-GoG