04/06/2019 LC Posn -5.993 – 105.96

Thieves boarded a bulk carrier at anchor in Cigading Port in West Java, Indonesia.

They broke into the vessel’s steering gear room and stole engine spares.

It is not clear how they were able to board.

The thieves fled the vessel when the ship’s whistle was sounded and they realised they had been discovered.

The intruders boarded the bulk carrier during darkness in the early hours of May 29.

Thieves are known to operate in Indonesian ports and anchorages although there have been few reports of thefts from vessels in Cigading.

Security patrols by the Indonesia Marine Police and the introduction of designated safe anchorages have been effective in bringing down the number of incidents nationwide.

In 2018 the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) recorded only 36 cases of boardings or attempted boardings in Indonesia.

That was down from 43 cases the year before and 49 cases the year before that.

Most of the 2018 incidents were ‘low level’ opportunistic theft although the IMB cautioned that there had been cases of crew being taken hostage or threatened.

Ships should maintain strict watches at anchor or at berth, especially at night.

Source: Gray Page