29/05/2019 LC Posn -14.53 – 40.66

Ship’s stores have been stolen from a vessel at the Nacala Inner Anchorage in Mozambique.

The theft was discovered after nightfall on May 26.

Crew noticed access to the forward store had been forced and saw footprints on the forecastle deck.

A search was carried out but no intruders were found.

There have been intermittent reports of thefts and attempted thefts from ships in the inner and outer anchorages at Nacala.

In October 2018 an unidentified individual approached a ship in a small boat and attempted to climb its anchor chain.

There was a similar incident in July 2017 when two potential intruders were spotted approaching a vessel at anchor.

In both cases the boarding attempts were broken off when it was clear they were being observed.

Ship’s crews should be alert to the possibility of intruders and maintain strict watches, especially at night.

Source: Gray Page