Shipping needs cyber reporting scheme now

Shipping needs an anonymous reporting scheme for cyber threats and attacks to prevent the same mistakes happening time and again. All shipping companies face cyber threats, regardless of where they operate and with what assets, so they need to be prepared.

Therefore, it would be advantageous to the industry to have a proper forum for reporting cyber attacks, as an informal safety platform that does not name those affected.

This has been proposed by shipowners, class and organisations such as Intertanko in the past, and would make a lot of sense.

This was one of the requests from shipowners and managers at Riviera Maritime Media’s European Maritime Cyber Risk Management Summit, held in London on 15 June.

During an operator forum, two major tanker operators expressed their concerns and summarised the challenges they face. They requested that the shipping industry should have a recognised but informal reporting platform, and I agree.

It is essential that shipping gets to grip with the growing level of cyber threatsand that owners can learn from the problems faced by others in the industry.

As one tanker IT manager said during our summit, larger shipping companies have the resources for tackling these cyber threats head-on.

But smaller operators will find it hard to fund research into cyber threatsand should prioritise cash to setting up the security aspects, such as firewalls, antivirus, passwords and training their crew.

If advice was on hand in an informal platform, they could focus these investments.

Source: Marine Electronics & Communications