BIMCO – SAPU – RMI Roadshow – Press Release

Following a most successful roadshow we firmly believe some crucial points emerged. We sorted out a list so that we can highlight what was mentioned and verified by the respected speakers varying from BIMCO, the Republic of Marshal Islands Registry, LSS-SAPU, Insurers, Floating Armouries, Certifications Bodies, ICoCA, agents and CSO Alliance. This vast panel was hand selected in order to represent the maritime security industry fully and share all possible available viewpoints. In a nutshell the points are as per below:

1. There are too many “Laptop companies” and “Pirate maritime security companies” in the industry – almost 1 out of 3.

2. These companies have an ISO 28007 from an accredited Certification body and may even be very well known.

3. Some of these companies acts as brokers pretending to be PMSC’s and others are PMSC’s that rent/lease/sublease firearms and swap guards with each other.

4. This weapon trade is clearly illegal, prejudices Insurance covers and breaches the Guardcon. It risks delays or arrest to the respective vessel and endangers its crew.

5. Guards swapping is dangerous and is mostly conducted by untrained guards who willingly accept to use illegal firearms too.
It is also unfair for all legitimate owners, PMSCs’ and their partners.

These points will be carefully considered hereon from all related self respecting parties as they change many aspects we all took for granted, permanently.

We hope BIMCO will yet again hold the torch up high and lead the industry out of this dark and dangerous cave. With its guidance it can assist Registries and Insurers set a halt to this tragic reality for good.

It is safe to assume insurers will get rid of the SAMI kite mark and will seriously consider replacing it with the BIMCO PSMC Associate membership some time in the very near future.
We also hope certification bodies will enhance their inspection efforts and ban these pirate companies from their ISO 28007 certifications. Local authorities in Egypt, Sri Lanka and S. Africa especially can also help stop these activities by monitoring who embarks what on a transit basis.
As far as the owners are concerned simply by considering the SAPU Guide on Illegal weapons and dangerous guards they can have an insiders view on what is really going on and how to protect themselves for free. If you don’t have the Guide feel free to request it at anytime.

Last but not least, we would like to formally thank BIMCO for hosting this roadshow and the RMI for joining forces with us. Their contribution and in occasions guidance was invaluable. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all the executive sponsors for adding up value and highlighting the significance of this event, the delegates who made it and all those who did not but honoured us with their warm wishes for a successful event.

We promise this effort will not falter and will actually be enhanced so that all interested and related parties have a clear view of what is really going on and how they can protect themselves from these frauds. You can stay tuned by joining our Newsletter at or by visiting our website, Facebook page, Linkedin or Twitter.

Alexandros Theodosios Kontos
Chief Operating Officer

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