What we do:
LSS specialises in various Security Services:

  • Intelligence & Strategic Planning
  • Security Training
  • Specialist Risk Services
  • Maritime Security

Who we work for:

Nowadays, we are proud to cooperate with Oil & Gas majors, Public companies, International managing and chartering companies as well as some of the largest ship owning groups in the world.

How we do it:
LSS is ISO/PAS 28007-01:2015, ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified, a BIMCO Associate PMSC member and a signatory company of the International Code of Conduct Association – ICoCA.

Given the evolving maritime threats LSS founded the Special Anti Piracy Unit – SAPU its maritime security wing to safeguard vessels operating in High Risk and/or War Risk Areas.

Where we do it:

We are active in 40 countries and retain offices in London, Athens, Limassol, Galle, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.




Vision & Mission


To be the Leading company in the provision of Security Services globally.


To collect information, process, train and provide the right service.

Quality Policy

LSS is a Security Company, providing asset protection worldwide and delivering a full range of security solutions.

LSS is also organized so as to meet in priority all needs in the field of maritime transportation in unsafe sea areas by confronting international piracy and protecting the clients’ crew and vessels.

The objectives of LSS are:

  • To provide quality professional security services using experienced and appropriately selected personnel.
  • To gain prestige and credibility in the market working under the rules of morality and law, and adhering to international rules and conventions.
  • To cooperate in good faith with all partners, maintaining excellent relationship with them.
  • To improve its performance through a systematic quality control of the services provided.
  • To gain credibility and prestige among its customers by providing those quality services that will fully satisfy.
  • To contribute positively to the community of Private Security Companies, by the worthy representation of the sector.
  • To create an excellent spirit of cooperation among its employees by providing appropriate incentives and working conditions, achieving thus maximum performance.

Security Management Policy

LSS is committed to:

  • Αssure protection of its activities and to continuous strive to achieve supply chain security at the portion of the international supply chain that we activate and to increase security awareness upstream and downstream in the supply chain.
  • Comply with applicable and relevant international and national law and regulatory requirements.
  • Setting and reviewing security objectives and targets designed to ensure continual improvement in our security performance.
  • Continually strive to improve standards throughout our areas of operations by communicating our policy to all persons working for and on behalf of LSS and by enhancing security awareness and commitment through structured training.
  • A risk management approach to business planning.
  • Through the implementation of a structured Quality & Security Management System as per the requirements of the ISO 28000:2007 Standard and the ISO/PAS 28007-1:2015, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Specifications we coordinate our efforts for continuous supply chain security improvement always in line with the requirements of the legislation, our clients, and other interested parties.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

LSS LTD is committed to operate alcohol and drug free Operations and to ensure at all times that personnel working on board are never under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • To this effect, the Company is committed to enforce the following rules which must be fully accepted and adhered to by all personnel:
  • Alcohol and illicit drugs are not permitted on board any vessel or within any company buildings;
  • Any person under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs (for example, test results exceeding the permissible limits, unacceptable behavior) will not be authorized to board a vessel;
  • Any not complying with the above rules will be immediately disembarked and submitted to disciplinary procedures;
  • Being unfit through abuse of alcohol or drugs when travelling to and from the vessel will constitute gross misconduct under the disciplinary rules and procedures outlined in SAPU TE-001 Guards Contract.
  • Any subcontractor or other personnel boarding a vessel will be formally requested to comply with these rules and any such personnel contravening these rules will be immediately disembarked;
  • In Case of a sudden alcohol – drug test on board or on port, SAPU Commando will accept the appropriate examination.

In order to verify compliance with above rules, the Company organizes monthly testing of its own personnel and also reserves the right to perform random testing for all personnel on board whether or not there is suspicion of use of alcohol or illicit drugs. Random tests are carried out to security personnel who are on a transit for more than a month. The Company consents on random alcohol – drug tests that are carried out by the client and/or other interested parties.

Third Party Complaints Policy

  • LSS will investigate allegations promptly, impartially and with due consideration to confidentiality.
  • LSS will keep copies of documents generated as a result of the complaint and record of any action taken. Except where prohibited or protected by applicable law, the finding of the complaint will be made available to a Competent Authority on request.
  • LSS will co‐operate with any official investigations.
  • LSS will take appropriate disciplinary action in the case of finding such a violation or unlawful behavior.
  • LSS will ensure that any personnel working for the Company who makes a complaint is protected from any reprisals.
  • This Policy does not confer any contractual rights.
  • All complaints should be made in writing directly to the Company.
  • Complaints should be made within six months of the Complainant becoming aware of the grounds for complaint.

Complaints can be sent from our Contact Form or via email to info@lss-sapu.com

Any complaint should include:

  • Contact details of the Complainant (including postal and e mail address). The subject of the complaint. Information and evidence regarding the alleged breach.
  • LSS will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within ten working days and advise who will be responsible for dealing with the complaint.
  • Anonymous complaints will be investigated where possible and may be acted upon at the Company’s discretion.
  • LSS is committed to ensuring that all complaints are investigated fully and impartially and with due consideration for confidentiality.
  • LSS will conduct an internal investigation within two months of receipt of the allegation and refer the evidence of the Complainant and the Company to an independently appointed panel of three lawyers who are registered with the International Association of Arbitrators.
  • The findings of the Arbitrators and their ruling along with actions taken by the Company will be made available to the Complainant.
  • The ruling of the Arbitrators is final.
  • Nothing in this policy should be interpreted to restrict any rights of redress the Complainant has in law.
  • The company will not reimburse any fees, expenses or cost involved in bringing a Complaint.

Complaints not covered by this Policy:

  • This complaints Policy cannot be used to deal with an issue which is part of any legal action against the Company.
  • This complaints Policy cannot be used for complaints outside of those relating to any allegations of improper and/or illegal conduct as contained in the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICOC).
  • The company reserves the right to take any appropriate action to protect itself from any unfounded, malicious or vexatious allegations or complaints. Untrue allegations could lead to legal action for defamation.