4 Incidents – South East Asia

  1. 16.05.2020: 1900 UTC: Posn: 01:38.5N – 102:57.0E, Around 6nm South of Batu Pahat Coast, Johor, Malaysia.
    Three robbers boarded a barge under tow, from a wooden fishing boat. Master immediately raised the alarm, made PA announcement, and informed the Malaysian Coast Guard. The crew directed searchlights towards the unidentified boat. As the Master manoeuvre the tug a second boat was seen approaching the barge. After a while the robbers were seen disembarking and moving away.
  2. 16.05.2020: 1830 UTC: Posn: Anyer Anchorage, Indonesia.
    Duty crew on routine rounds onboard an anchored tanker noticed a robber armed with a knife. OOW informed and alarm raised. While retreating into the accommodation, the duty crew spotted another robber emerging from the emergency steering room. Crew mustered, and the robbers were seen escaping in their boat. A search was carried out and engine spares were reported missing.
  3. 16.05.2020: 2100 UTC: Posn: 01:05.3N – 104:10.8E, Tanjung Uban Anchorage, Indonesia.
    Duty crew on routine rounds, onboard an anchored product tanker noticed three robbers armed with knives. The crew raised the alarm and retreated into the accommodation. Crew mustered. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped. Nothing was reported stolen. Vessel and crew safe.
  4. 15.05.2020: 2100 – 2230 UTC: Posn: Belawan Port, Indonesia.
    Unnoticed, robbers boarded a berthed product tanker and stole ship’s stores. The incident was noticed after the completion of cargo operations. Incident reported to Port Authority.

Source: ICC