Mystery deepens as tanker attack damage revealed

Photographs have revealed damage to a Norwegian tanker caught up in the Fujairah attack on Sunday.

But there were still no answers on Tuesday morning as to who was behind the apparent raid that involved four vessels in the UAE.

The US issued a second warning to ships as the UAE’s regional allies condemned the incident.

Two Saudi tankers among those attacked off Fujairah

UAE alleges ‘sabotage’ to four commercial ships

A US official in Washington, without offering any evidence, told AP that an American military team’s initial assessment indicated Iran or Iranian allies used explosives to blow holes in the ships.

Iran has denied this.

Saudi Arabia has said two of its tankers had sustained “significant damage.”

One was named as the 299,000-dwt Bahri-owned VLCC Amjad (built 2017).

But the others were from the UAE and Norway.

The 105,000-dwt aframax Al Marzoqah (built 1999), operated by Red Sea Marine Services of Dubai, was also named.

A report from Sky News Arabia, owned by an Abu Dhabi ruling family member, showed this ship afloat without any apparent damage.

Norwegian manager Thome named the vessel as its 47,000-dwt crude tanker Andrea Victory (built 2005).

It said none of the crew was hurt.

The ship sustained a hole in its hull just above its waterline from “an unknown object,” Thome said.

The company said it was “not in any danger of sinking.”

The fourth ship was the 6,700-dwt bunker tanker A. Michel (built 1998) , operated by Al Arabia Bunkering of the UAE. Footage showed it listing.

A US official said both these last two vessels had a 1.5m to 3m hole in the hull near or just below the water line.

Source: TradeWinds