Southeast Asia – Piracy Events Over the Past Week

Pirate and maritime crime activity in Southeast Asia waters is at a low level. No maritime crime events were reported this past week. Late reporting was received on two boarding events from the previous week.

A. Details

Vessels Hijacked: No incidents to report.

Kidnapping: No incidents to report.

Vessels Boarded:

1. VIETNAM: On 10 December, during routine security rounds, a duty crew onboard an anchored bulk carrier noticed robbers armed with knives and bamboo stick on the forward deck. The ship was anchored near position 20:55N – 107:17E, Campha Anchorage. Duty officer was notified, alarm was raised and crew was mustered. Seeing the crew’s alertness, the robbers escaped in a wooden boat. Upon investigation, ship’s stores were reported stolen. Local agents and authorities informed. (IMB)

2. INDONESIA: On 10 December, a duty watchman onboard a container vessel anchored near position 06:00S – 106:54E, Tanjung Priok Anchorage Area ‘ECHO,’ saw three robbers on the aft deck. Duty officer notified. Alarm was raised, announcement on PA system made and all crew mustered on the bridge. Master contacted the pilot station and agents. Authorities boarded the vessel to render assistance and investigate. (IMB)

Vessels Fired Upon/Attempted Boarding/Attack: No incidents to report.

Other Activity: No incidents to report

B.  Incident Disposition

Figure 4. Southeast Asia Piracy and Maritime Crime Activity, 13 – 19 December 2018


C.  Tabulated Data for Southeast Asia Activity

Table 3 is a summary of piracy events that have occurred this week, this month, and current/prior years. This table includes incidents not described in this product line.