Attacks against anchored ships continue in Indonesia

In its weekly piracy report for 22-28 May 2018, ReCAAP ISC informed of four incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia. Of these, one was a piracy incident and three were armed robberies against ships. The report included also an additional incident of armed robbery that occurred in West Africa.

Notable is the fact that three of the four incidents in Asia were reported in Indonesian anchorages. In its previous weekly reports, ReCAAP ISC has informed of similar incidents in Indonesia.

The first incident involves the heavy transport vessel ‘Bigroll Beaufort’, in late April, off Tanjung Berakit, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia. While at anchor, the bosun discovered the padlock of the paint store was broken and the door left open. Further investigation revealed that the padlocks of the garbage room, oxygen locker, acetylene locker and the bunker station were also broken and the doors were left open. However, nothing was missing. The crew was not injured.

On 16 May, the product tanker ‘Kirana Santya’ was anchored at Tanjung Uban Anchorage, Indonesia, when the master reported that a set of breathing apparatus (BA) compressor was found missing and the padlock was broken. Subsequent investigation and review of the footage from CCTV revealed the presence of two perpetrators at the poop deck. About 10 minutes later, a wooden boat appeared passing near the poop deck from stern. Another three perpetrators climbed up the ship from starboard side. The perpetrators were believed to have gained access to the ship unnoticed by the duty officer and A/B. The crew was not injured.

The bulk carrier ‘Clover Colossus’ was at Merak Anchorage, Indonesia, on 20 May, when three perpetrators armed with knives boarded the ship by climbing up the portside poop deck using a hook and rope. The duty A/B spotted the perpetrators who were approaching him from starboard aft of cargo hold 5. The perpetrators threatened the duty A/B with a knife when he tried to use his handheld radio to call for assistance. While the duty A/B was being held by one of the perpetrators, the other two perpetrators entered the accommodation area. Some minutes later, the three perpetrators jumped into a waiting boat and escaped. Some engine spare parts were stolen.

The fourth case is an attempted incident involving the bulk carrier ‘Vela Ocean’ anchored at Chittagong Alpha Anchorage, Bangladesh, on 6 May. While at anchor, the duty watchmen spotted seven perpetrators attempting to board the ship. The duty officer sounded the general alarm immediately, followed by a public announcement to alert crew of the situation. The crew was mustered at the ship’s office while the duty watchmen entrapped the perpetrators, resulting in a futile boarding attempt. The perpetrators eventually jumped overboard and escaped. The crew was not injured and nothing was stolen.

Included in this report was an incident of armed robbery against ship occurred in Lagos, Nigeria on 23 May 18. The incident was reported to the ReCAAP ISC by ReCAAP Focal Point (United Kingdom).

While anchored at Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria, a perpetrator was sighted on deck of the chemical tanker ‘Maersk Tangier’ and the crew raised the alarm. The perpetrator jumped overboard immediately and escaped in a waiting skiff, with another perpetrator on board. The crew was not injured and nothing was stolen.

The ReCAAP ISC urges ship master and crew to report all incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships to the nearest coastal State and flag State, exercise vigilance and adopt relevant preventive measures taking reference from the Regional Guide to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia.

Source: Safety4Sea