FWN Rapide’s 11 kidnapped crew released

ForestWave reported that the eleven crewmembers who were taken hostage on April 21 off Port Harcourt, Nigeria and spent the last 4 weeks in captivity have been released and are now safe.

The crew are currently on their way home, while all of them have received medical checks and are in a relatively good condition.

ForestWave said:

ForestWave is extremely pleased to have been conveying this good news to all the families and friends of our seafarers.

Twelve crew members had been kidnapped, with the company reporting that pirates attacked the ship prior to entering the port of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

One of the twelve crewmembers kidnapped from the general cargo vessel ‘FWN Rapide’ was eventually found hidden onboard the vessel, according to an updated statement by ForestWave. The crew man was located during a search of the ship.

In an update last month, ForestWave informed that it managed to establish contact with the crew of the cargo vessel ‘FWN Rapide. The company confirmed that all remaining eleven seafarers were alive and together.

Source: Safety4Sea