Yemen – port situation

The recent attack on a tanker proceeding in the Southern Red Sea has reportedly had no impact on the flow of ships in the region or on the working status of Yemeni ports.

Status of Yemeni ports and the situation as at 6 April 2018 is as follows:

  • Working: Aden, Mukalla, Ash Shihr Terminal, Nishtun, Saleef and Hodeidah
  • Closed: Mokha, Ras Isa Marine Terminal (Safer), Ras Isa Petroleum Products Reception Facility and Balhaf LNG Terminal

The capacity of all operating ports may, however, be limited, as cranes may be unavailable and there may be a lack of fuel supplies and other basic services. All vessels attempting to enter Yemeni ports must also expect postponements and delays due the special entry conditions in force and  multiple inspections carried out by the Saudi Arabian-led coalition.

The situation is, however, subject to rapid change and Members and clients are advised to warn their vessels’ crews of the volatility of the situation and to carry out an assessment of the risks involved prior to entering or transiting Yemeni waters.

Source: Gard