Susi calls for actions to strengthen maritime security

Confronted with challenges to ensuring maritime security in the high seas, Indonesia has called on the international community to deliver a concerted policy directed at assuring sustainable and responsible fishing practices.

Speaking during the fourth Our Ocean Conference in St. Julian’s, Malta, on Thursday, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said that illegal fishing activities were often linked to other forms of organized crime, such as human trafficking, drug and weapon smuggling, wildlife trafficking as well as forced labor.

Such activities, she said, could be controlled by a corporate syndicate that gives orders and provides fishing vessels with supplies, fuel and crew members through agents in various countries.

Susi cited as an example the FV. Viking case in which its owner operated through a shell company domiciled in Seychelles, and instructed an agent located in Singapore to provide the vessel with transshipment routes, logistics, fuel and a crew.

“This organized operation allowed FV. Viking to stay on the high seas for a long period,” Susi said.

“This method allowed fishing vessels to evade monitoring and enforcement.”

The underlying problems of fisheries issues, Susi said, included a lack of regulations or unenforced regulations.

Source: The Jakarta Post