Somalia: Violent Protests In Bosaso lead Maritime Security and the Police to Turn Each other, Several Wounded

BOSASO (Horn Observer) Puntland Maritime security forces clash with the police on Wednesday at the Laanta Hawada village in the port town of Boosaaso, witnesses said, among the wounded is the Port security chief, meanwhile violent protestors continue in the town over the dismissal of the Somali shillings by the businesses in the town.

The infighting between the police and the Puntland Maritime police force which continued for about 30 minutes, according the local media reports and residents, after police fired at protestors aiming to disperse and the Puntland maritime police force returned fire, among the wounded is the Port security chief Mohamed Ali Hashi and several other soldiers from both sides.

Meanwhile protests still continue in the town of Bosaso, the regional capital of Bari region in Puntland over the refusal of the Somali shillings. The protestors accused the business people in the town of Boosaaso for making classifcations among the only available currency which is one thousand note, while the business community there also have similar concerns accusing the ministry of finance for making the selection of the money – which means the some of the money used in the town are considered fake.

The refusal of the Somali shillings in Bosaso also prompted the port workers and truck drivers to go on strike.

Mid last month Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas accused the business community in Bosaso for sending money to Al Shabab through mobile money transfer in fear for their lives, the same business people refused to pay the government imposed tax.

Source: Horn Observer